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Biteris Bank. First Business, Real Estate Backed Crypto Lender | No Collateral

Biteris Bank



Here are some reasons businesses cannot get funded:


Low volume / no volume.

Bad / slow / no credit.

High-risk products or services.

Outside the funding jurisdiction.


Biteris Bank resolves these issues and more, in one simple step and the competition is furious.


Not only does Biteris Bank process crypto payments for merchants around the world, but also funds new and existing businesses. Businesses can qualify easily and are not required to qualify conventionally. Furthermore, Biteris Bank offers financial services to over 13 countries and provides a wide variety of in-house financial products that merchants can take advantage of no matter what their situation.


The beauty of blockchain technology is that it opens up avenues for every business owner to prosper in an open and free market.

Apply for a no collateral loan today and claim your piece of the pie.


Businesses such as Black Dog Cafe & Pizza and others around the world enjoy the benefits of what Biteris Crypto has to offer.


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