Step Up Your Game




Biteris is not selling you anything.


We do not offer Biteris BTSX to anyone who does not

incorporate the use of our ERC20 token into their every day life, or business transactions.


This is not a pitch.


You can buy and hold Biteris BTSX from anyone or you can buy it here for around 1 USD.


We are not pumping, or dumping.


We offer the exchange of any BTSX over the counter here for any of our merchants, and or members.


We do not email market, send Telegram, Whatsapp or other Texts or offers.


Our ETH contract address is:


BTSX is fairly new, and to avoid volatility, we do not trade.

You may however, trade to your advantage on any platform you choose.


It is best to purchase directly from us or safely from a third party by using our Escrow.


Our Telegram is @Biteris



Biteris Bank